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Jen's Approach

Tailored specifically to meet your needs

In today’s digital world, there is so much information out there…and so many considerations to juggle. Applying to college can be daunting and complex. Students wonder, "How can I tune out all the 'noise' from society and other people and figure out what I want? How can I create a strong application? How can I find a college that is right for me?” Parents ask, “How do we know we are on the right track? How can we find great options where my child will thrive and grow as a student and as a person?”
Grounded in experience and up-to-date knowledge, Jen Bartlett brings her own blend of extensive practical information, insights, and encouraging support to her work with each student. She guides students and families through a successful exploratory process by identifying and focusing on whatever matters most to them. She assists clients in developing a list of numerous well-suited options and successfully discovering a path to college that matches their unique needs. Jen’s understanding of need-based and merit-based aid allows her to address the critically important factor of affordability, assisting families in finding colleges that are a “financial fit”.


Ultimately, Jen’s highly personalized approach to navigating the college process reduces anxiety for students and parents, empowering her clients with the information and tools they need to be fully prepared and to make informed choices. ​

—Parent of student at Swarthmore College

The college process can seem like a large, scary dark box.  Jen helped my daughter open the lid and turn the experience into unpacking a wondrous gift.  With her specific and personal knowledge of colleges, standardized exams, interviewing, and essay writing, Jen worked with my daughter to demystify the entire process. Identifying her strengths and matching them up to each step in the process, Jen allowed my daughter to actually enjoy both learning about herself as well as apply to great schools. Above all, Jen’s positive spirit and warmth made every meeting, phone call, and e-mail feel like applying to college is really about the student’s magical personal journey taken with the help of a friend.

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