Consulting Services

Helping you reach your college goals

Bartlett College Consulting offers a customized range of options, rather than a one-size-fits-all model. Jen provides her services on an hourly basis so that students and families can pick and choose the type and amount of help they’d like: 


  1. Comprehensive (for 9th/10th/or 11th-grade students requesting ongoing services through the college process). 

  2. Intensive (series of meetings for seniors in the application process)

  3. Specific consults (addressing particular questions or focused/ immediate concerns)


Jen offers a 10% discount for pre-paying “chunks” of time (5 or more hours). 







  • Find colleges to explore and visit that match your distinct interests and preferences

  • Choose your high school courses and make thoughtful plans for extracurricular activities

  • Understand what makes a strong applicant 

  • Create an individualized target list of colleges, aiming for a good fit on all fronts (academic and admissions, social, financial, geographic & setting)

  • Learn about the range of college costs and types of aid and apply this to your situation

  • Brainstorm, review, and receive essay advice for your application’s primary, supplemental & scholarship essays

  • Prepare for interviews with admissions representatives and scholarship committees

  • Take ownership of the application process & stay on track for deadlines by establishing timelines and a step-by-step plan

  • Strategize your application approach (EA/ED/RD, & testing) for your targeted schools to put your best foot forward

  • Review college responses and aid packages, and consult on final enrollment decisions



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Bartlett College Consulting can help you:

Make your college journey one that is focused on possibilities rather than pitfalls!